Caring About the Community and Serving

Serving God and neighbor is at the heart of every Christian’s life. The forms and methods of such service can vary, as do the vocations and talents of people. They complement each other as members of a living organism. In this church body, all are connected by a single love and all serve each other and God.
And as in the body there are no unnecessary, unnecessary members, and in the Church there can be no members unnecessary, inactive.

Our Vision

We believe that the church must be full of life, joy, and the transfiguration of God's presence.

Our Mission

The church is primarily people. This is a congregation of those who believe in God, what he helps in everyday life. We're going to serve.


Social activity has never been an end in itself for the Church. Our goal is not to arrange an earthly paradise, feeding all the hungry and dressing all the beggars.

Confirm Attendance

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Time:7pm — 9pm