Sharing the God’s Love with Everyone

Love is God. Look, everything in the world is filled with this Love.
Only by being able to love can you experience reciprocal love. One who is the Incarnation of Love can only be understood with the help of Love itself, which is unchanged and is the Holy Spirit (Divine beginning), constantly residing in every human being. Such sacred and pure love can only be in a pure heart.

Our Vision

We believe that the church must be full of life, joy, and the transfiguration of God's presence.

Our Mission

The church is primarily people. This is a congregation of those who believe in God, what he helps in everyday life. We're going to serve.


Growth Track

Our goal is to develop as faithful and professional servants in the work of God.

our leaders

Brief information about the pastors and presbyters of our community. These are our servants.

Stephanie Milian


Together with his wife, they are responsible for the "Children's Ministry."


Ronald Richards


Glorification Minister and Choir Leader


Christina Spear

Youth Pastor

Responsible for the service of glorification and head of the group of youth meetings.


Eleanor Pena


Responsible for missionary work and home groups.

Justin KendrickLead pastor

A man of a broad soul who loves God and people. In all difficult and difficult situations, he always trusts in the Lord.
“We must also be worthy, not bilingual, not dependent on a large amount of wine, and not greedy for dishonest gain. We must keep a secret of faith with a clear conscience.”